Company’s profile

Corporate Vision

  • Grand Place offers varieties of food life of customers through our desserts, mainly chocolate products.
  • Grand Place pays attention to the financial value and brand assets by product characteristics and technology of manufacture.
  • Grand Place develops and serve new products balancing tradition and renovation for brand assets and financial value of customers.


To provide chocolate finished with careful work piece by piece and to serve the pleasure of food life.

We, Grand Place Corporation has been established in 1991 as a manufacturer of highly qualified chocolate using Belgian couverture. We have performed to a mission to deliver the quality chocolate in the undeveloped market in Japan in those days.

To reproduce the Belgian qualified chocolate, we have trained ourselves for various manufacturing technology and the quality control. Then in accordance with the growth of Japanese market our products have been evolved in concert with client’s requirement.

Since then the semi hand make procedure is our consistent policy. This style is our biggest advantage for OEM client’s appointment, such as first-class hotels, noted confectionery shops, air-line companies, luxury apparel brands, etc. This is proved by reputation of the NB products at the events of St. Valentine Day.

Base on the corporate vision “To serve our client variety and pleasure to their food life”, we will create hand-make products with harmonization of tradition and revolution as a chocolate specialist.

Isao Yokoyama
Representative director

Company’s Overview

Company Name
31 October 1991
Representative Director
Yokoyama Isao
Number of Employees
Correspondent Banks
Chiba Bank, Keiyo Bank, Resona Bank, Shoko Chukin Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Mizuho Bank
Business Outline
・High Quality Chocolate, Confectionery, Manufacture & Sales
・High Quality Chocolate・Confectionery・Confectionary Ingredients Sales
・Own Brand “Grand Place” Company Store

Head Office and Atelier

17 Yachimata-ha Yachimata City,Chiba 289-1107 TEL: 043-443-6471 FAX: 043-443-6473

Tokyo Branch

Park Court Hamarikyu the Tower.2F 1-3-1 Hanamatsu-cho Minato-ku Tokyo TEL: 03-5733-6840 FAX: 03-5733-6841


Park Court Hamarikyu the Tower.1F 1-3-1 Hanamatsu-cho Minato-ku Tokyo TEL: 03-6809-1610 

Company Overview

Oct 1991
Exhibited at the Belgium Booth of FOODEX JAPAN ’92 in Makuhari Messe.
Aug 1992
Workshop of St.Valentine Day’s chocolate was co-hosted with Mr.Koji Tsuchiya, owner chef, THEOBROMA.
May 1993
Started production and sale of ” dragée”. Became popular in the bridal market.
Oct 1994
Started production and sale of “Nama Chocolate”. Led the Nama Chocolate boom afterward.
Oct 1996
Head Office relocated to Yachimata, Chiba and facilities expanded.
Introduced “Cluster Former” from Germany and launched “Chocolate Crunch”
Became a new casual chocolate throughout the year.
Oct 1997
Started sale of Chocolate Gift Products with Grand Place brand.
Feb 1998 
Branch shop at St.Valentine Day’s event of Shinjuku Isetan Department for the first time. Joined every year since then and improved brand image.
Jul 1998
Launched “Ganache Mousse”. Dessert sweets of “Nama Chocolate”mousse.
Nov 2000
Enlarged head office and increased revolving pans. Launched “Okaki chocolate”
Feb 2003
Exhibited to “Salon de Chocolat” at Shinjuku Isetan Department.
“Mont Blanc Chocolate” got good reviews.
Apr 2003
Tokyo branch as the Sales office was opened in TOMEN FOODS Co.,Ltd.
Feb 2004
Newly five stores opened at St. Valentine’s Day event in Ginza Matsuya, Isetan Matsudo Shop, Meitetsu Department Store, Ogura Isetan, Iwataya.
Chocolate confectionery, “Bomb” gained a reputation.
Sep 2005
Head Office Factory was extended 300 Tsubo from 11 Tsubo.
Installation of One shot depositor and expanded revolving pan line.
Oct 2005
Direct shop was opened in “ECUTE SHINAGAWA” of JR Shinagawa station.
May 2006
Opened the first shop in Shinjuku Odakyu Department for White Day’s event.
Apr 2006
The goodwill was changed from TOYO MENKA KAISHA to TOYOTA TSUSHO COPORATION.
Jun 2006 
Cooled Chocolate for summer season “Cool Truffle” was sold at ECUTE SHINAGAWA shop.
Aug 2006
Tokyo branch was transferred to Nihonbashi.
Sep 2007
Tokyo branch was transferred to TOYOTA TSUSHO CORPORATION, Tokyo Head Office Building, Marunouchi.
Oct 2007
The second shop was opened at “FOOD AVENUE” in YURAKUCHO ITOCiA.
Feb 2010
Japan imaged chocolates “Okashi na Yasai”, “Amera Truffle”, “Amera Nama Choco” were sold in “GINZA Me seat Marche”.
Jun 2010
“Grand Marche” with the new concept was opened in “Ario Kitasuna”.
Dec 2010
Tokyo Branch was transferred to Shinagawa.
Jun 2011
Ario Kitasuna shop was closed.
Apr 2012
TOYOTA TSUSHO CORPORATION withdrew from the business.
Grand Place Corporation was newly founded.
May 2012
Tokyo Branch was transferred to Hamamatsucho.
Jun 2012
“Sorbe des Fruits” was launched. A normal temperature marketing sherbet for frozen use with plenty of fruit puree and juice.
Oct 2012
Closed Yurakucho shop. Exhibited for Regional Banks Food Selection at Tokyo Big Site.
May 2013
“Pecan Nut Chocolate (Caramel) Box” was awarded gold medal by Mond Selection 2013.
May 2014
“Pecan Nut Chocolate (Caramel) Box” was awarded gold medal by Mond Selection 2014 in consecutive 2 years.
Apr 2015
“Pecan Nut Chocolate (Caramel) Box” was awarded gold medal by Mond Selection 2015 in consecutive 3 years. Awarded International High Quality Trophy, too. Launched “Shiodome Roll” as the first anniversary item. In response to every day sold out, mail order sales began. Fixed as a standard product.
Oct 2015
Expanded the Second Factory. Separated the revolving pan and molding line.
Apr 2016
“Pecan Nut Chocolate (Caramel) Box” was awarded gold medal by Mond Selection 2016 in consecutive 4 years.
Apr 2017
“Iyokan Peel Chocolate 70g” was awarded grand gold medal by Mond Selection 2017 in consecutive 2 years.
“Pecan Nut Chocolate (Caramel) Box” was awarded gold medal in consecutive 5 years.
Jun 2017
Improved the first factory.
Apr 2018
“Iyokan Peel Chocolate 70g” was awarded grand gold medal by Mond Selection 2018 in consecutive 3 years.
“Pecan Nut Chocolate (Caramel) Box” was awarded gold medal in consecutive 6 years.
Apr 2019
“Iyokan Peel Chocolate 70g” was awarded grand gold medal by Mond Selection 2019 in consecutive 4 years.
“Pecan Nut Chocolate (Caramel) Box” was awarded grand gold medal.
Feb 2020
Closed SHIODOME shop.
Mar 2020
Direct shop “GRAND PLACE HAMARIKYU”was opened.
Tokyo branch was integrated with HAMARIKYU shop.