1To more people, the quality recognized by top brands

About Grand Place

Grand Place was established in 1991 intending to give impression of chocolate deliciousness to Japanese.
Our designing and processing of OEM products have been appreciated by customers such as top brand customers and first-class hotels for long years.
Since 1998 Grand Place has started direct marketing at events to ask opinions from customers.
Repeat clients and purchase request were increasing afterward.
As the result Grand Place shop was opened for direct delivering chocolate broadly.

Attitude to quality

High quality chocolate with superior balance of texture and taste is produced from original Belgian couverture and domestic and foreign ingredients with hand-make technic of chocolatiers.

Product creation that values originality

At the chocolate factory of Grand Place, based on requests from customers and market research, we use trial materials collected from home and abroad for trial production of 50 to 100 planned products a year.Not all are commercialized, but every day is fun research days.
At the chocolate factory of Grand Place chief chocolatier and staffs create 50 to 100 planning models with domestic and overseas ingredients according to opinions from customers.

2High grade materials and skill of artisan

Grand Place Couverture Chocolate

French word Couverture means to cover and stands for the fluid chocolate created for confectionery use.
International standard regulates over 35% total cacao solid, over 31% cocoa butter, over 2.5% non fat cocoa solid, not permitted vegetable fat other than cocoa butter, etc.
Grand Place Couverture Chocolate is produced following our original recipe,by the world-famous couverture maker, PURATOS Group with long experience and technology using selected cacao beans and other ingredients.
Grand place couverture is accepted widely because of good matching with other ingredients and easy balancing of taste and flavor.

Natural and additive-free ingredients

Belgian couverture covered ingredients are natural and additive-free selected from domestic and overseas. Healthy foods are able to eat every day.

Mind to cherish Japanese ingredients

Adding to imported ingredients Japanese foods are very safe and high quality.
As the result of country-wide research by chocolatier high quality foods are used for matching to Japanese taste trend.

Artisan skill of handmade process

Grand Place gives weight to handmake processing.
Japanese chocolatiers areproducing chocolate suit the Japanese taste. High purity liqueur is added to truffle chocolate for better taste and good keeping. Final finishing of domestic manufacture ensures to deliver highly safe and fresh chocolate.

3Creation of product value from view of customers

Chocolate products produced with customers

Grand Place develops and serve new products balancing tradition and renovation for brand assets and financial value of customers.

Grand Place offers richness of food culture

Grand Place offers richness of food culture to give happiness and impression of customer’s daily life and special scene.