About OEM for business customers

Every piece by careful “semi hand make”
Delicious chocolate products with safe and security

Grand Place was found in 1991 intending to deliver sweet impression of chocolate to Japanese.
OEM products are greatly supported by famous brand customers and first-class hotels.
Every piece of chocolate is completed by experienced technic of workers and semi hand made by machines and hands.
We offer safe and reliable chocolate to meet expectation of customers.

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03-5733-6840 (weekday 9:00~17:00)

Process of product development

Basic work schedule of OEM
We offer the best matched chocolate to customers with long time trained experiences and technics.
Please feel free to ask us first.
※Please talk business of Valentine Day’s goods in the previous year in July.


Main production lines

  • Truffle

  • Bonbon chocolate(molded)

  • Bonbon chocolate(enrobed)

  • Revolving pan

  • Nama chocolate

  • Wrapping

Hygiene control

  • Sanitary room

  • Air shower

  • Roller cleaner

Quality control

  • Visual inspection

  • Metal detector

  • Weight checker